The pat in the back, your staff desperately needs

1. Taking care of your employee elderly parents

With an ageing population, there is more pressure for employee to look after their parents and grandparents

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At home care for your employees family

Our staff are trained to help dependant parents in their daily lives with dignity at home

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Medication assistance

We have a team of nurses and healthcare professionals ready to assist with any sort of medication

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2. Newborn or kids need extra care

One of the best miracles of life can be the most stressful and exhausting endeavour, your staff can experience

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Baby sitting service

Your staff deserve a relief from time to time. Just help them out.

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Remote work friendly

Employee don't need to call off sick days for unwell children. At-home baby sitting service while employees still work

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Multiple users

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3. Make sure your staff avoid distractions

The sandwich generation is the generation who are caring for both elderly parents and their own children.

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Help your staff go the extra mile

Help your staff to help the business. With your help, your staff is less distracted and is more committed to the mission

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A pat in the back in tough times

Your staff is battling the cost of living crisis. Your help is more than ever appreciated

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Monthly reports

You'll get a monthly report on the benefit plan and its impact for your staff